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A New Play

In a Mental Health Hospital, where most of the patients believe themselves to be Fairy Tale characters, two patients mysteriously vanish without a trace. A full investigation is put into play and the other patients, doctors and orderlies are questioned, leading them to tell how their stories intertwined with the two missing patients. 

Originally performed as a part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2014.


An Ongoing Blog Adventure Series

Inspired by early classics written in a journal-like format, such as Jules Verne’s The Lost World, and the common idea of “blogging” daily experiences, Nicholas began writing “The Sentinel.” Originally concieved as a one-hour action television series the idea of a story that can be told in short segments, and remain open ended for future installments lent itself well to the idea of a blog. Thus was born “The Sentinel Blog.” 


While still in print, Nicholas wrote a number of articles for the tech magazine "PC Solutions." These articles ranged from how to use editing software to reviews on social media.

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